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The right relationship creates synergy, not sacrifice
It adds dynamics to life, it doesn’t demand concessions
It requires that you collaborate, not change who you are.

The reason so few have experienced this is that they look for someone who completes them rather than becoming someone who is so fulfilled they are capable of being a compliment to another.

Most settle for the best they think they can get rather than waiting for the one who is ideal for them. A 50/50 relationship means that the moment either one is distracted, stressed or self-focused the relationship is below 100.

While no one is ever 100%, imagine the result of people in the high 80’s and 90’s paired together - even when one is having a low day the other is likely to have enough to spare without it feeling like work or sacrifice at all. It becomes their pleasure, rather than their responsibility to support their love. These are the kinds of relationships that create a space where both grow even more.

Co-dependence doesn’t transmute into synergy over time, it drains both individuals until the differences become irreconcilable. Those who seek healing, security or growth from the dynamic of a romantic relationship will only drain the person they’re with.

A co-dependent relationship has the potential to provide physical or financial security, but relational and spiritual strength comes from the partnership of two individuals who are secure and fulfilled even when they’re on their own.

Graham R White

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