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There’s a cruel irony that can be hard to recognize: It’s that men are actually more intimate than women while women are more sexual than men - but this only comes to light when we’re in a relationship with someone we are supremely connected to and trust.

Women think men aren’t as interested in intimacy, but the truth is men only trust our deep intimacy with an incredibly special woman. We’ve been raised to be hard and getting to the point where we trust a woman with complete transparency is near impossible for most.

The truth? More than anything, men crave a relationship where we can express our most guarded emotions. We ache to find “the one” who we can reveal ourselves to completely.

On the flip side, men think women aren’t as interested in sexuality, but the truth is women only trust themselves to be open and wildly passionate with an incredibly special man. When a woman meets a man who she can trust herself fully with, the uninhibited passion she is capable of will make his jaw drop!

From the time we’re teenagers men understand that it’s us on the gas and women on the brakes. Imagine our surprise when we encounter a woman confident enough in herself and trusting enough in her man to let go of everything and show him the depth of her passion…

Connection with this level of trust is rare, but we intuitively know it’s possible. We represent the intimacy men are capable of in romantic movies for women and the sexuality women are capable of in adult films for men.

The majority of each gender believe that these levels of openness are a fiction, but the truth is that absolute trust is the missing ingredient.

I have experienced intimacy so powerful that on screen romance appears ‘cute’ in comparison. I’ve witnessed sexual abandon opposite me that made my fantasies seem tame.

We both want the same thing, but we distrust each other because our process of getting there comes from opposite sides of the same coin and we lack clarity on how to reach the middle.

The sexual abandon that men hope for women are aching to trust men with - but she’ll only share it with the man who adores her intimately.

The intimacy that women want is what men are perfectly designed to adore them with - but only a very special woman receive it because most men have so far to go to trust a woman with their true feelings.

Graham R White

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